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UFSLeague: NFL – Super Bowl:XLII February 2, 2008

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It will be the New England Patriots vs. the New York Giants. This is not the match up everyone was looking for but those are the teams playing for the Super Bowl XLII.

I am still not sure who I am going to cheer for but let us just say if the New England Patriots do not win this game, what a disappointing season it will be for them. They are one loss away from a perfect season. The pressure is on!

The New York Giants have nothing to prove. They could come in all relaxed and ready to play in the big game. If they keep the pressure off themselves, they could secure a victory.

It really doesn’t matter for me. It would be great to see the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl XLII but as I spoke before, the New York Giants have been playing strong football all playoffs.

Good luck to both teams.


New England Patriots

New York Giants


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