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UFSLeague: NFL – Conference Championship January 18, 2008

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It was Seattle coming out saying we are here, with a 14-0 point lead. But it was green bay with its youth, determination, pure grit, and veteran leadership that made a statement of 21-14 green bay. BTW, we are not even 5 minutes into the second quarter and 35 points are up on the board for both teams. Any way, Green Bay Packers gave the Seattle Seahawks a 42-20 thumping.

Well the Indianapolis Colts are out. What happened? They took the San Diego Chargers to easy and the Chargers came to play, and took the game 28-24.

I told you so here too. New York Giants over the Dallas Cowboys 21-17. The Giants are on the move and I for one am not surprised.

I should say that New England Patriots looked very strong and I may have underestimated them. The rest did them good. I feel almost bad for the Chargers. However, could we have a San Diego Chargers and New York Giants match-up? Yes, to early to tell but remember the trade back almost four years ago? This would be a Super Bowl the press would love. So now I am down to a 1 in 4 with the Green Bay Packers



San Diego Chargers

New England Patriots

New York Giants

Green Bay Packers

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