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UFSLeague: NFL – Playoffs Wild Card January 4, 2008

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It’s the 2008 NFL Wild Card games this weekend. It is going to be an exciting finish to the season for these great teams. Have you made your predictions? Go to newest fantasy sport social community, http://ultrafantasysportsleague.com and lock down you predictions now! The selection-picks games, within the Ultra Fantasy Sports League Challenge games website are simple to play…and it’s FREE too. So sign up, log in, look for the *Play UFSLC Games* link, and get involved with the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the most ways to win cash.
Here are the match ups. It will be the 11-5, Jacksonville Jaguars taking on the 10-6 Pittsburgh Steelers in game two with the 10-6 Seattle Seahawks and the
9-7 Washington Redskins starting us off on Saturday 05/JAN/08.

The Sunday second game is the 10-6 Tennessee Titans meeting the 10-5 San Diego Chargers but first will be the 10-6 New York Giants and the 9-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers doing battle.

Both the AFC’s 16-0 New England Patriots and the 13-3 Indianapolis Colts plus the NFC’s 13-3 Dallas Cowboys and the 13-3 Green Bay Packers all have the bye and congrats to them.

BTW, if you were playing UFSLeague challenge games, you would have been able to lay out your selection picks for the entire season in the Regular Season Order of Finish Game and win. So here are my picks Exact Playoff Order of Finish Game. I am feeling mixed because three of my favorite teams are here in the playoffs but I do not think any are playing real strong. In fact I do not think the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Dallas Cowboys, or even the New England Patriots are Super Bowl bound. I believe it will be Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Indianapolis Colts and the Washington Redskins to take on the Green Bay Packers.

Do not be surprised if you see the Washington Redskins playing against the Green Bay Packers and the Jacksonville Jaguars fighting with the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts and the Packers will going to Arizona and Super Bowl XLII, with the Colts winning it all. If you think I am wrong then say it loud at the Fantasy Sports League of Games, http://www.ultrafantasysportsleague.com.

Here are a few links and videos. Find out what the home towns are saying and watch the hits. UFSLeague.com

Jacksonville Jaguars

Pittsburgh Steelers

Tennessee Titans

San Diego Chargers

New England Patriots

Indianapolis Colts

Washington Redskins

Seattle Seahawks

New York Giants
http://www.nytimes.com/pages/sports/football/index.html – all 4
http://www.nypost.com/sports/giants/giants.htm – all 4

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Dallas Cowboys

Green Bay Packers

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