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UFSLeague: MLB – Playoffs October 6, 2007

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UFSLeague: MLB – Playoffs

It’s playoff time Major League Baseball style. We are going to be bringing you write-ups from some of the best writers around. Starting with:

The Angels and Red Sox are ready to get it on later today in the first round of the playoffs. Both teams have solid pitching staffs but they go around offense in very different ways. The Red Sox are a slugging team while the Angels like playing small ball so it will be fascinating to watch these two styles clash. Get a closer look at positional matchups in this series: http://www.angelslocker.com/, http://www.redsoxlocker.com/

These two teams got to the playoffs in different ways. The Cubs were the best of a poor division while the Diamondbacks logged the best record in the National League due to their fine pitching staff. For a closer look at the matchups in this series: http://www.cubslocker.com/, http://www.diamondbackslocker.com/

The real Mariano Rivera has returned after the All Star Break for the Yankees. In 29 games since the break, Rivera is 1-1 with 17 saves, a 2.05 ERA and a 1.04 WHIP. Rivera has worked 30.2 innings in the 2nd half of the season and he has allowed 27 hits, walked 5 batters and whiffed 36. Rivera’s overall numbers look pretty good now. In 62 games this season, Rivera is 3-4 with 29 saves, a 2.98 ERA and a 1.10 WHIP. In 66.1 innings, he has allowed 63 hits, walked 10 batters and whiffed 69. The Yankees have won 8 of their last 10 games which has them 5 games ahead of the Tigers in the Wild Card. But the Yankees who are now 87-64 on the season are only 2.5 games behind the Red Sox in the American League East. http://www.yankeeslocker.com/

The 9th inning might usually make Indians’ fans nervous but they don’t have that problem in the 7th and 8th innings. Rookie lefty Rafael Perez works a lot in the 7th inning and he has been nasty this season. Perez has pitched in 40 games this season and he is 1-1 with 1 save, a 1.41 ERA and a 0.85 WHIP. He has worked 57.1 innings this season and he has only allowed 35 hits, walked 14 batters and whiffed 59. Rafael Betancourt is having the best season of his major league career by far in 2007. Betancourt has worked in 62 games this season and he is 5-1 with 1 save, a 1.48 ERA and a 0.75 WHIP. He has worked 73 innings this season and he has only allowed 47 hits, walked 8 batters and whiffed 69. The Indians are closing in on the Central Division Title as they now lead the Tigers by 6.5 games with a 89-62 record. http://www.indianslocker.com/

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This will be an outstanding matchup between the two hottest teams in baseball. The Rockies won 15 of their last 16 games including a miraculous comeback victory over Trevor Hoffman in a one game playoff on Monday! The Phillies won 13 of their last 17 games to overcome a 7.5 game deficit to the New York Mets to win the N.L. East. This series also matches up the two best offensive teams that made the playoffs. Check out the closer look at the matchups in this series: http://www.rockieslocker.com/, http://www.phillieslocker.com/

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What the newspapers are saying:

Los Angeles Angels:

Boston Red Sox:

Chicago Cubs:

Arizona Diamondbacks:

New Yankees:

Cleveland Indians:

Colorado Rockies:

Philadelphia Phillies:

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