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UFSLeague: Have IT Easier September 3, 2007

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UFSLeague: Have IT Easier

Ultra Fantasy Sports League, The Fantasy Sports League of Games. If you build it they will come…to one of the hottest fantasy sports website around. They will get in to the VIP for FREE now. They will get in on the easyest fantasy sports game to play.

If your looking for drafts, we don’t have ‘em. If your looking for commissioner(s), we don’t have ‘em. Looking to build a team of players while staying below your payroll? Uhuh. Salary caps? No! Scouting feature. Yea right. Create their own sports blog? Of course not!!

What do we have? Simple the easiest fantasy sports game to play without all the mumbo_jumbo. Also, if your looking to be one of the leaders of the pack? Then we got your chance, right here. Compete against yourself and other with game predictions. You will be one of the best at leading your scoring over the others. Simple predict the winner week to week with adjustments in Regular Season Order of Finish Game – RSOF. Set your playoff results now with some adjustments in Pre-Playoff Order Finish Game – PPOF. Or even predict the Exact Playoff Order of Finish – XPOF. That’s three real games per actuall sports league.






Do you think you got what it takes? Can you be your own team? Can you be your own commissioner? Then lookup UFSLeague.com. See how much you can win from the, “…the easiest fantasy sports game to play with your Skils-To-Win CASH!” Yes, we are in a beta format but signup now for FREE VIP_1 status.

If you want Baseball – MLB, we got it. If you want Basketball – NBA, we got it. If you want Hockey – NHL, we got it. If you want Football – NFL, we got it. If you want March Madness – NCAA, we got it. Plus, that’s just for starters. We are going to be bringing you all of the major sports leagues in fantasy sports format.

So log-on to http://www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, now. It’s the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the best Skills-To-Win CASH! The winning is easy cause, the games a fantasy but the cash is real.

The Fantasy Sport League of Games
©2007 UFSLeague.com, ©2007 UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, ©2007 DCL, Inc.



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