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Ultra Fantasy Sports League – NBA Shaq, LeBron, … April 21, 2007

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Ultra Fantasy Sports League – NBA

Shaq, LeBron, Dwight Howard All-Star Dance-Off

NBA Dunks

UFSLeague’s.com introduces its simple subscription picks play games website. VIP1 grants you access to all of the FSLC_Games, in all of the Leagues.

We have plans for several leagues and plans for numerous contests. When you register Right Now you are in. That’s correct! We are free to register and there is a free level of play too at this time. One low price billed every three months. Hey! Not only are you in but also, you are in for the VIP1 status level of play, which is the best of what we offer.

Yep! It’s another second season. This time the NBA will be looking to crown their champion just like the NHL. This is a very busy time of year for sports fans, especially for those cities who are fortunate enough to have a team in each of the playoffs, and MLB just starting up too.

An again just like the NHL, over the next few months, sportswriters all over the globe will be making there predictions of just which of another sixteen NBA teams will reach their elite trophy.

So again, to help keep you up to date, we are offering links of some of the leading newspapers of the sixteen teams who will be involved in their fight toward the NBA Championship.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets

San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets

Phoenix Suns vs. LA Lakers

Detroit Pistons vs. Orlando Magic

Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls

Toronto Raptors vs. New Jersey Nets

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards

Look for more feeds for you, soon. Feeds for all on all sports.

So log-on to UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, soon. It’s the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the best Skills-To-Win CASH! You pick the league, pick the FSLC_Game, play the Game, collect your entitlements, and potentially win the prize via the draws per an entitlement. The winning is easy cause, the games a fantasy but the cash is real.

The Fantasy Sport League of Games

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