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Are You Registered Yet? March 4, 2007

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Are You Registered Yet?

Flyers/Senators Brawl Part I – If you do not see it here read below n the link too.

First things first. Get yourself registered for VIP1 status level now. It’s free! You can’t play or win if you are not registered. Right now we are in a beta format but help us build our community of Fantasy Sports players by simply registering. It’s free! However, when we do charge, sometime in July or September the VIP1 will only cost $14.99 per every three months or just under $5.00. So become a VIP1 Status Level Player now.

How do you play and win at the Ultra Fantasy Sports League? Easy! In simple terms, you pick the league, pick the FSLC_Game, play the Game, collect your entitlements, and potentially win the prize via the draws per an entitlement.

In more detail then the first thing you need to do is – Get Registered – to click on a league [Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc.]. Then you select a FSLCG. Then start playing your game. You get free entitlements (points) for most games that go into the winnings draw; plus, you get more entitlements for playing each game and winning. The amount of the entitlement, including the FREE entitlement(s), is subject to the Status Level of Player. If you want more entitlements and want to play more games, then you need to up your Status Level of Play? The amount of the winnings draw is stated on each League page and in the How-2-Play page of http://www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com FSLC Game(s) page.

If you want Baseball – MLB, we got it. If you want Basketball – NBA, we got it. If you want Hockey – NHL, we got it. If you want Football – NFL, we got it. If you want March Madness – NCAA, we got it. Plus, that’s just for starters. We are going to be bringing you all of the major sports leagues in fantasy sports format.

So log-on to http://www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, soon. It’s the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the best Skills-To-Win CASH! The winning is easy cause, the games a fantasy but the cash is real.

Ps. I have place a favorite NHL – Hockey video in this blog. If you do not see it or the coding isn’t correct for the blog site, then I apologize. However, Google us with ufsleague and find another one of our blog sites. Believe me you won’t be disappointed.

The Fantasy Sport League of Games

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