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UFSLeague: VIP1! Are you looking for the easiest … February 18, 2007

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UFSLeague: VIP1!

Are you looking for the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the most Skills-To-Win CASH? Do you want to be a VIP1 player with games and benefits to only those of the VIP1 level? Then you need to go to The Fantasy Sports League of Games website of www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com. We are building a fantasy sports site like no other.

At www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, you pick the league. Then you pick the FSLC Game. Then you play the game and collect you free and earned entitlements. Then watch and win based on the draw and your entitlements.

The games are/will be structured quite easy for all to learn and start playing right away. Although we are in beta form at the moment we are working diligently for you, the end user our client(s).

We have plans for several leagues and plans for numerous contests. When you register Right Now you are in. That’s correct! We are free to register and there is a free level of play too at this time. One low price billed every three months. Hey! Not only are you in but also, you are in for the VIP1 status level of play.

Yes! We are making all who register now an automatic VIP1 status level player. This VIP1 that we are talking about is not some insignificant level. It is the best status level you can have at the_League. Go to www.ufsleague and get the details from “Why VIP1 Now.” However, I can tell you this. As long as you maintain your VIP1 level status you will receive no pricing increases, automatically in on all other status level player FSLC Games, and much much more.

Remember, our interest is your interest. We’d like to hear from anyone who has something to say about anything regarding www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com. We do not care if it is GBU. If it’s Good, then thank you. If it’s Bad, we’ll fix it. If it’s Ugly, we’ll change it. Why? Cause we want to make it easily playable for our end users, otherwise known as you. That’s it. Nothing else!

So log-on to www.UltraFantasySportsLeague.com. It’s the easiest fantasy sports game to play with the best Skills-To-Win CASH!

The Fantasy Sports League of Games
©2006-2007 UFSLeague.com, ©2006-2007 UltraFantasySportsLeague.com, ©2006-2007 DCL, Inc.



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